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Aim of the Rukeli Trollmann e.V. Association

The Rukeli Trollmann Association was mainly founded by support of close relatives.

Aim of the association is to keep up the remembrance of Rukeli Trollmann and that he will receive the appreciation and public credit he deserves as an outstanding sportsman and tragic character of recent history.

The association will support young Sinti, Roma and young people of other ethnic minorities,as well as the German majority population, who are talented in sports, music and art. We will create prerequisites to enable them to optimally develop their aptitudes and abilities in conformity with school and professional education.

Experiences of the past have shown that some promising talents in the fields of music, sports and art had to give up or restrain their talents due to framework conditions, so that further development would only come along with stresses and strains, if at all. Therefore, continuous and professional support will be provided.

We will organize events, which will bring the life and action of Rukeli Trollmann to the mind of the people.

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